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June 2020
Thought of the Day

Inspirational quotes

Reforestation and Medicinal use of the Trees

Environmental Blog Protect Existing Forests and Plant New Ones on the Unused Lands and deforested Mountains. Regenerate and Fix the Soil. Reverse Desertification. Leave a greener planet to future generations. Create Forest Green Belts around cities.Plants Heal.

Permaculture Notes

Tips and tricks for chemical free garden


33 Posts with 2389 views as per April 2020:, Diverse Information regarding Mind Vril and Matter as per Valiant Thor teachings, Lost Buildings of Toronto, Gem Stones, Money Energies, Psychic Literacy, The Point of Harmony and Equilibrium, Nuclear Power Plants, Psychic Intuition

Research Notes


Research Notes for future books regarding Consciousness, Ingo Swann research writings, Telepaty, Seth Material, Valiant Thor books, Annunnaki, Emuna Elish, Climate Restoration Manifesto.

Liliana Usvat's Blog


Subjects such as:Time, Wisdom of Thoth, The number three, the three qualities to possess, Spiritual Particles, Eumalos of Cyrene was a Greek copyist it living in North Africa two or three generations  after Plato ‘ s lifetime, Skilfull Thoughts

Environment and Society


282 Published posts since 2013 - having subjects as Trees for soil Erosion Control, Forests and Human Consciousness, Mangrove Forest, Lavander

Water Protection and Restoration

Environmental Blog regarding water. Subjects such as Ocean Manifesto, Ocean Protections, Oil Rigs and Oceans, Agsat water in Harmony in ancient Egypt or Kemeth, Exon, Water Pool Clorination, Water and the Stock Market, Sonar Testing in Oceans and Marine Life, Rigs and other drilling companies.

Lessons Blog


101 posts since 2014; Subjects as: Planetarium or Tower of Winds or Horologium of Andronikos Athene, Chi Chi Gung is the ancient science that imparts how individuals can through their own efforts balance and strengthen  their own chi, Probable Events celular memory,

Health Tips

Helath Tips - Information selected include Cleansing Fast, Medicinal Plants such as Jasmine used for Artritis, Liver Disease, Hepatitis, Cirosis, Sesame seeds and sprouts excellent for hair teeth and bones, Pinaple Water, Dandelion Cures Cancer Hepatitis Kidney and stomack and much much more

Environment and Society

Blog Regarding: Energy Devices, Money and Health, Consciousness, Probable Selves, Probable Events, Energy, Concious Mind, Cell Cosciousness, Pilars of Prosperity, Quality of Life, Energy of Life, Beliefs, Chi, Natural Law, Human Potential, Animal Consciousness and Animal Communicaton


Informations from ET and multidimensional beings.

Healthy Life

Alternative Way of healing your mind and body Fruit Salads, Acupressure points for Weight Loss, QiGong, Spirituality, Energy Flow at the invisible Level

Parks and Gardens Around The World

Blog regarding Parks - Parks such as San Francisco Garden, McKenzie Marsh

Garden Tips


Real Estate Blog


Travel Around the World


Travel and Technlogy


Buildings and People




Social Cultural Ecological Systems


A blog about possible social systems or ecological systems, that help human population to live a better life in equilibrium with the environment and with each other. Ideeas that have been applied or/and just formulated in theory .

Inventica University


Android Studio


IT Portofolio


Peru (Video)